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Apples and avocados

October 21, 2008

The build is progressing slowly and the internet has been down so I don’t have any photos of the roof going on our mansion to share with you. Towards the end of September the builders were running out of energy in the afternoon due to lack of food (it was Ramadan) so David gave them all some time off. Then they had a few days off to celebrate Eid. Since then there has been yet more rain making it difficult to get the roofing materials in. Hopefully things will get back on track as the weather is cooling and becoming dryer.

We have not yet started planning the garden in any detail but Omar Jassey is growing a few plants for us. There is a huge range of fruiting trees that we will be looking to grow such as lemon, lime, grapefruit, banana and avocado. I think David said that this is the first year they have managed to get fruit (technically a seed, I think) on the avocado tree. On another fruity note Happy Apple Day – go to for more info.


Wanderer returns

September 15, 2008

Rich has returned from his trip to see progress on the house. He insists that his was very busy sorting out roof design and looking at tiles but judging by his photos there was quite a bit of relaxing too!


Rhubarb to go

September 3, 2008

The build continues slowly due to the rain. Rich will be going out to visit the build on Friday so look out for more updates coming soon. Below is one of the latest photo – don’t photos of brick walls get a little boring after a while? The list of supplies he will be taking out include; puzzle books, mobile phone chargers, lettuce, rosemary, cress, coriander and rhubarb seeds (who knew you could grow rhubarb from seed?) and a solar pump! I am also sending out a Man United hat for Abdoulie who we sponsor – see photo. Why do so many Africans support Man U?


The lovely Lamin

August 13, 2008

Apparently it has been the wettest July for 15 years in Gambia but at least it is meant to be raining there during the summer months! More bricks have arrived so the build continues and is looking good. The lorry carrying them got stuck again this week – Lamin obviously decided to serve drinks rather than get his hands dirty! In case you are thinking that everyone seems to be called Lamin it is because a lot of people are. It means first born son (or something similar). 

Thanks to Ian we have a new website I think its great, check it out and let me know what you think.


Bricking it

August 5, 2008

Apologies to Abdul for calling him Lamin aka The President. The house is really taking shape now, its amazing how quickly it moves on with a couple of dry days. Nice brickwork!

First photo is one of the bathrooms, second photo the covered verandah (click on photos to make bigger). Correct me if I’m wrong, David?

Rain stops play

July 14, 2008

This gives an idea of what the lodge looks like in the rainy season – and you thought England was bad!