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The Universe will provide

January 22, 2010

On 7th Jan Sarah and I escaped the sub zero temperatures for some much needed r & r in sunny Gambia. Of course I also wanted to see how the house was progressing. After a promising start we have had a number of set backs, the latest is that our builder Paul recently suffered a stroke. He is now back in Holland and we wish him a speedy recovery. This left us with a dilemma – where to find another builder to finish the house? After an inspection of the remaining work with David it became apparent that what we needed most was a carpenter.
Now on the flight out to The Gambia, involving a coach ride to Stanstead, a lack of plane de-icer, a lost hat and much queuing, I sat next to the lovely Janette. In the window seat was a newly acquired friend of hers called Julian. Janette and I exchanged contact details but I knew I would struggle to get up to see her as we were only out there for a week. However whilst I was enjoying massage (I know hard life) Janette and Jules turned up with Colin and little Alex. Not only was it great to see them but it turns out that Jules has a carpentry business with the talented Papamodou. So work resumes and will be completed in the next few weeks!
The Universe truely does provide!!!!!!
Jules & Papamodou