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Goodbye Lamin

March 31, 2009

We had some very very sad news today. Lamin Lowe (our Gambian builder) passed away this morning.  He was a lovely man and our heart goes out to his family. Lamin did have a wife, from Senegal, and baby girl they both died some time ago. The photo below shows all the children in Lamin’s family who live in his mothers compound.  They are clutching soft toys that my Godson Toby sent over with us in February.



Giant in the Garden

March 15, 2009

Omar starts work in our garden soon and boy does it need it! We sponsor Omar’s son to go to school so you might of heard his name before. Omar is a cleaner at Footsteps and is a really keen gardener with great plans for our plot. He is also very very tall as you can see from the photos of him in his garden below.

Omar with seedlings potted in juice cartons

Omar with seedlings potted in juice cartons

Omar 2

with Mango trees

Rich & Omar discuss gardening tips

Rich & Omar swop gardening tips

The roof is on!

March 2, 2009

We have just returned from a great trip to see the build in action. The first photo shows the roof when we arrived and the second when we left. You can see from the photo that the roof is finished and looks fantastic. 

After a long delay (4 months) waiting for the wood for the roof to arrive, coupled with Lamin (the builder) being very unwell and Paul (the roofer) suffering with maleria, we are now back on track.  The new estimate is 3-4 months to completion and we can’t wait.

Sometimes when we are back in UK I wonder whether we are doing the right thing building a house in The Gambia but every time we visit I realise how much I love it there. More posts from The Gambia coming soon.

Roof 1


Ousman and Samba

Ousman and Samba (working on roof with Paul)