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Getting to first base

July 22, 2008

Inbetween the deluges (is that a word?) the base has been concreted. Lamin struggles with a wheelbarrow and David stands proudly.



Gambia gets online

July 18, 2008

Yesterday we transferred the second payment for the house to The Gambia and today we receive internet banking details – typical. It has only taken 4 months to get set up! Not bad for The Gambia really. The last transfer we did took weeks to get there then ended up at the wrong bank (not the wrong branch but a different bank entirely). Fingers crossed this one arrives ok.

Up to your ankles

July 16, 2008

This is the last photo we have of the progress (about a week ago) As you can see there is a little way to go yet!

Rain stops play

July 14, 2008

This gives an idea of what the lodge looks like in the rainy season – and you thought England was bad!

Are we mad?

July 13, 2008

We have just embarked on a venture to build a house in The Gambia. We are extending the mortgage and investing in a holiday home on the coast in southern Gambia. Today we have heard that the track to the site has turned into a quagmire due to the rains so a truck with 4,000 of our bricks got stuck! 

The design of the roof is still in debate so Rich needs to go out sometime in August to agree what to do but flights are expensive unless anyone has any suggestions?